Edgar Huntly (edgar_huntly) wrote,
Edgar Huntly

Notices (also: Open Post)

Two notices on the noticeboard, with varying degrees of accurate spelling rewritten by Gen:

If any here have information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Alexander Misurov, please advise Mr. Edgar Huntly. He may be found in the main hall between the hours of noon and three.

and also, in much larger letters,

One bedframe, free, with mattress.

Beside the noticeboard is the bed that Edgar had been building for Zara; it has fine leaves carved into the headboard, and the splintery edges have been sanded, but the entire thing has a rough-hewn, unvarnished look. It also bears a legend proclaiming it to be free.

Edgar himself is stuffing feathers into the mattress. No good leaving a job only partway done. Feel free to point him toward Alexander Misurov, take his bed, or correct his spelling.
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